16oz Early Riser Lid Tumbler #Baja Sand [VT16-ER20-20]|EARTHWELL 入荷しました。

EARTHWELL | アースウェル

アースウェル 16oz アーリーライザーリッドタンブラー

It grips the hand and won’t let go. Shaped for comfort and finished with our EarthGrip textured powder coat paint, this vacuum insulated pint is unabashedly sublime. At the core, our TempLock double wall vacuum insulation and electropolished steel preserves taste and keeps favorite brews cold for hours on end, drinks on ice for 24 hrs, and coffee hot for 8 hrs. Includes an insulated lid and silicone cork to keep your drink at optimal temperature. Lid compatible with straws up to 8mm in diameter.

Not your ordinary lid. Whether you’re sipping it hot or cold, this quality constructed lid offers optimal flow and a perfect drinking experience. It’s also made with ThermaGrid waffle insulation to keep your drinks at optimal temperature. Compatible with tumbler and cup and works with reusable straws up to 8mm in diameter.

・タンブラー:ストローの互換性 8mm/口の直径 約81mm/直径 約90mm/高さ 約157mm
・フタ:ストローの互換性 8mm/外径 約89mm/開口部の直径 約80mm/幅 約69mm/高さ 約24mm




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